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4.5 Technology Applications

Maintaining an awareness of technological advances and applying appropriate technology to transportation, distribution, and logistics processes.

Critical Work Functions

  • 4.5.1 Applies new and emerging advanced techniques to provide solutions for transportation, distribution, and logistics problems
    • 4.5.2 Stays informed of technological advances and the benefits of applying appropriate technology to transportation, distribution, and logistics processes
      Technical Content Areas

      • 4.5.3 Technology
        • Transportation Components and Systems such as vehicular global positioning systems, or vehicle navigation systems
        • Transportation Services Equipment such as integrated maintenance information systems
        • Communications Devices and Accessories such as mobile phones, or two-way radios
        • Computer Equipment and Accessories such as notebook computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or organizers, thin-client computers, desktop computers, personal computers, wearable computing devices, bar code reader equipment, radio frequency identification devices, scanners, touchpads, portable data input terminals
        • Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories such as automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice recognition equipment, intercom systems, radio frequency data communication equipment, telegraph sounders, instant messaging platform, location based messaging service platforms, paging controllers
        • Robotics
        • Public Safety and Control Systems
        • Fire Protection such as fire suppression systems
        • Consumer Electronics such as global positioning system receivers, radio frequency scanners, radio frequency transmitters or receivers
      • 4.5.4 Systems and Software
        • Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)
        • Compliance
        • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
        • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
        • Electronic Logging Systems
        • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
        • Expert Systems
        • Facilities Management
        • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
        • Global Logistics Systems (GLS)
        • Industrial Control
        • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
        • Materials Requirements Planning Logistics and Supply Chain
        • Mobile Location-based Services
        • Procurement
        • Project Management
        • Route Navigation
        • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
        • Safety and Security Systems
        • Video Monitoring Systems