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5.8 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, the Postal Service, and Couriers and Messengers

Three subsectors are grouped together: NAICS 487, 491, and 492.

  • 5.8.1 The Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation
    • The Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation subsector utilizes transportation equipment to provide recreation and entertainment. These activities have a production process distinct from passenger transportation carried out for the purpose of other types of for-hire transportation. This process does not emphasize efficient transportation; in fact, such activities often use obsolete vehicles, such as steam trains, to provide some extra ambience. The activity is local in nature, usually involving a same-day return to the point of departure.
  • 5.8.2 The Postal Service
    • The Postal Service subsector includes the activities of the United States Postal Service and its subcontractors operating under a universal service obligation to provide mail services, and using the infrastructure required to fulfill that obligation. These services include delivering letters and small parcels.
  • 5.8.3 The Couriers and Messengers
    • The Couriers and Messengers subsector provides intercity, local, and/or international delivery of parcels and documents (including express delivery services) without operating under a universal service obligation. These articles can be described as those that may be handled by one person without using special equipment.