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Bioscience Fundamentals

The bioscience industry and its interactions with society.

Critical Work Functions

  • Understand the major application areas of bioscience
    • Describe the major technologies and historical development of bioscience
      • Explain legal and ethical issues affecting the application of bioscience
        • Research emerging and future applications of bioscience
          • Understand the social impact of bioscience
            • Participate in bioscience industry and professional organizations
              Technical Content Areas

              • Major Application Areas
                • Agricultural Feedstock and Chemicals
                • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
                • Medical Devices and Equipment
                • Research, Testing, and Medical Laboratories
              • Major Technologies
                • Bioprocessing
                • Genetic Engineering
                • Bioinformatics
              • Legal Issues and Ethics
                • Intellectual Property
                  • Documentation
                  • Patents
                • Confidentiality
                • Genetics Ethics
                • Scientific Accountability