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Research and Development

Investments toward the creation or discovery of new bioscience processes, methods, products, and services.

Critical Work Functions

  • Set up and conduct tests/assays: chemical, biological, clinical, environmental, robotic, or mechanical
    • Evaluate, document, and report results of experiments and tests
      • Prepare documents including experimental protocols, technical reports, and numerical analyses
        • Understand the role of pre-clinical and clinical trials in bioscience product development
          • Isolate, identify, and prepare specimens for examination
            • Clean, sterilize, troubleshoot, calibrate, operate, and maintain lab instruments and equipment
              • Participate in the care, use, and inventory of research plants and animals
                • Understand and utilize good control and inventory standards
                  Technical Content Areas

                  • Lab Skills
                    • Experiments, Tests, and Analyses
                      • Separation Techniques
                      • Microbiology Techniques
                      • Cell Biology Techniques
                      • Nucleic Acid Techniques
                      • Protein Techniques
                    • Laboratory Notebooks and Documentation
                    • Standard Labeling Techniques
                    • Care For and Use of Plants and Animals
                    • Laboratory Safety Skills
                    • Inventory