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Supporting Daily Living

Effective application of the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to assist and support individuals who require health and human services to live a self-determined life in a safe and healthy manner.

Critical Work Functions

  • Promote independence, health, wellness, and quality of life
    • Provide supports, care, and services based on the individual plan, including physical and health care assistance, and support to maintain independence and perform activities of daily living, working, and recreation
      • Observe, assess, and objectively communicate and document the needs of persons being supported
        Technical Content Areas

        • Function and Usage of Assistive and Adaptive Devices/Equipment
          • Appropriate Techniques to Assist a Person with:
            • Standing/arising
            • Walking
            • Transferring
            • Passive range of motion exercises
          • Knowledge and Techniques to Support Activities of Daily Living:
            • Eating/dining
            • Bathing and personal care activities (shaving, grooming)
            • Dressing
            • Toileting
            • Transferring
            • Maintaining continence
          • Knowledge and Techniques to Support the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, such as:
            • Shopping
            • Traveling locally and afar
            • Financial management
            • Household chores such as laundry, cleaning
            • Preparing food and food storage
            • Using the phone
            • Taking medicine
          • Knowledge to Promote Participation in Activities of Meaningful Daily Living, such as vocation, recreation, spirituality
            • Knowledge to promote emotional well-being
            • Maintaining independence and self sufficiency
            • Participation in activities of choice
            • Socialization activities, including assistance to maintain relationships with family members, partners, friends and other members of the community