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Practice responsibly within the ethical framework of the profession.

Critical Work Functions

  • Adopt an accepted professional code of ethics
    • Apply the code of ethics when confronted with ethical dilemmas
      • Ensure that practice honors the human and civil rights of participants
        • Ensure that practice uses the principles and activities of culturally and linguistically appropriate services
          • Secure and maintain certification and licensure requirements for duties as required
            • Maintain professional boundaries, and respect an individual's right to privacy
              • Apply mandated standards for harassment, labor, and employment laws
                • Maintain confidentiality and informed consent practices
                  • Understand the negative consequences of action/inaction
                    • Recognize and appropriately report situations of abuse and neglect
                      Technical Content Areas

                      • Understand and apply the principles of:
                        • Ethics as they relate to long-term care, supports, and services outcomes
                        • Ethical and legal issues impacting the provision of health and human services
                        • Confidentiality
                        • Malpractice, liability, and negligence
                        • Expressed, informed, implied, and involuntary consent
                        • Patient/resident/service participant Bill of Rights
                      • Understand and apply the basic principles of:
                        • National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)
                        • Cultural sensitivity
                        • Language assistance services (e.g. bilingual staff and interpreter services)