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Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic format to efficiently manage record-keeping.

Critical Work Functions

  • Maintain accurate and objective records
    • Submit records to appropriate sources in a timely fashion
      • Maintain standards of confidentiality and ethical practice
        • Learn and keep current with appropriate documentation systems, setting priorities
          • Comply with policies and requirements for documentation and record keeping
            Technical Content Areas

            • Obtaining Information
              • Obtain appropriate information, signatures, and approvals promptly
              • Verify that all information is complete and accurate
            • Completing Forms
              • Select and complete appropriate forms completely and in a timely manner
              • Attend to and follow through on important information in paperwork
              • Forward or process forms in a timely and accurate manner
            • Maintaining Logs
              • File documentation in accordance with organizational requirements
              • Keep logs, records, and files that are up-to-date and readily accessible
              • Update logs, files, and records, noting important changes in status
            • Confidentiality
              • Understand legal aspects of documentation
              • Understand and know appropriate medical terminology