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Health Industry Fundamentals

Knowledge of the basic components and emerging principles and concepts that impact the Health industry.

Critical Work Functions

  • Understand the culture of the Health Industry: the key stakeholders, command and control processes, and workflow, and the concept that errors or negligence may result in harm to the patient
    • Understand how changes in laws, regulations, or policies; or new and emerging technologies, impact the industry
      • Understand the components of the Health Industry and services provided by each
        • Identify one's role in the department, organization, and overall health environment
          Technical Content Areas

          Components of the Health Industry

          • Practitioners - Such as offices of:
            • Physicians and Osteopaths
            • Dentists
            • Chiropractors
            • Optometrists
            • Podiatrists
            • Physical and Occupational Therapists
            • Psychologists
            • Audiologists
            • Speech and Language Pathologists
          Treatment Facilities

          • Hospitals - Such as:
            • Medical and Surgical
            • Psychiatric and Substance Abuse
            • Specialty
            • Critical Access and Long Term Acute Care
          • Outpatient Centers
            • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories
            • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
            • Home Healthcare Services
            • Other Ambulatory Services
          • Nursing and Residential Care Facilities - Such as:
            • Skilled Nursing Facilities
            • Residential Facilities for People with Disabilities
            • Residential Care Facilities (assisted living) for the Elderly
          • Health Industry Related - Such as:
            • Public Health Agencies
            • Health Research Organizations
            • Pharmaceutical research companies
            • Health industry product vendors