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Health Industry Ethics

The discipline of evaluating and applying the merits, risks, and social concerns of activities in the field of health care.

Critical Work Functions

  • Act in the best interests of the client/patient
    • Report and prevent abuse and neglect
      • Protect confidentiality of client/patient records
        • Differentiate between ethical and legal issues impacting health care
          • Make ethical decisions
            • Respect clients rights and responsibilities
              • Demonstrate an awareness of cultural competence in the context of cultural, social, and ethnic diversity
                Technical Content Areas

                • Morality and ethics as they relate to health industry outcomes
                  • Ethical and legal issues impacting the health industries
                    • Confidentiality
                      • Problem solving techniques when confronted with ethical dilemmas or issues
                        • Problem sensitivity - the negative consequences of action/inaction
                          • Malpractice, liability, and negligence
                            • Expressed, informed, implied, and involuntary consent
                              • Patient's Bill of Rights
                                • National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)
                                  • Cultural sensitivity
                                    • Language assistance services (e.g., bilingual staff and interpreter services)
                                      • Service area demographics