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4.9 Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Ensuring product and process meets quality requirements as defined by client specifications.

    4.9.1 Understand and apply basic concepts associated with measuring quality.
      4.9.2 Implement controls to support quality management.
        4.9.3 Use quality management to ensure quality levels are maintained.
          4.9.4 Seek new approaches and techniques to improve quality levels.
            4.9.5 Employ audits and inspections to maintain the quality and continuous improvement process.
              4.9.6 Correct the product and process to meet quality standards.
                4.9.7 Support and maintain quality systems.
                  4.9.8 Prepare quality control and quality assurance specifications for a project component.
                    4.9.9 Apply or review quality control and quality assurance procedures on a project component.
                      4.9.10 Analyze the impact of quality control and quality assurance on project performance.
                      Knowledge Areas

                        4.9.11 Corrective and preventive actions
                        • Document creation
                        • Eliminating non-conformities
                        • Verification and documentation
                        4.9.12 Improving quality
                        • Problem solving tools
                        • Sampling and charting
                        • Statistical process control
                        4.9.13 Quality assurance
                        • Industry standards
                        • Meeting client needs
                        • Quality management systems and tools
                        4.9.14 Quality assurance audits
                        • Audit procedures
                        • ISO 9000
                        4.9.15 Statistical process control methods
                        • Acceptance sampling
                        • Capability analysis/tolerances
                        • Factor analysis
                        • Inspection/test/validation
                        • Reliability analysis