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Bioscience Industry Sectors (TBD)

It is beyond the scope of this project to develop competencies around Tier 5 Bioscience Sectors. The industry sectors described in the study, "Technology, Talent and Capital: State Bioscience Initiatives 2008," are listed below to illustrate that the Bioscience Competency Model serves as a foundational resource for all of these sectors. The sector competencies may be built out by interest groups or communities of practice.

  1. Agricultural Feedstock and Chemicals: Applies life sciences knowledge, biochemistry, and biotechnologies to the processing of agricultural goods and production of organic and agricultural chemicals. The subsector also includes the emerging activity around the production of biofuels.

    Examples of Products
    • Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
    • Ethanol and biodiesel fuels
    • Biodegradable materials synthesized from plant-based feedstock
    • Sustainable industrial oils and lubricants
    • Biocatalysts
    • Feed additives and ingredients
    • Corn and soybean oil
  2. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: Produces commercially available medicinal and diagnostic substances. The subsector is generally characterized by large multinational firms heavily engaged in research and development activities to bring drugs to market.

    Examples of Products
    • Vaccines
    • Oncology, neurology, immunology, and cardiology treatments
    • Tissue and cell culture media
    • Dermatological/topical treatments
    • Diagnostic substances
    • Animal therapeutics and vaccines
  3. Medical Devices and Equipment: Produces a variety of biomedical instruments and other health care products and supplies for diagnostics, surgery, patient care, and laboratories. The subsector is continually advancing the application of electronics and information technologies to improve and automate testing and patient care capabilities.

    Examples of Products
    • Bio-imaging equipment
    • Surgical supplies and instruments
    • Orthopedic and prosthetic implants and devices
    • Laser eye surgery instruments
    • Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
    • Vascular stents and other implantable devices
    • Dental instruments and orthodontics
    • Walkers, wheelchairs, and beds
  4. Research, Testing, and Medical Laboratories: Includes a range of activities; from highly research-oriented companies working to develop and commercialize new drug discovery/delivery systems, and gene and cell therapies, to more service-oriented firms engaged in medical and other life sciences testing services.

    Examples of Products
    • Functional genomics and drug discovery techniques
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Preclinical drug development
    • Stem cell/regenerative research
    • Biomarkers
    • Nanoscale drug delivery systems
    • Research models and laboratory support services