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Competency Model

Search Tips

There are two ways to begin the search process:

Use the Keyword Search to identify competency-based resources based on specific search terms.
Use the Browse by Category Search to explore resources by Resource Type, Industry Cluster, or O*NET Occupation Family.
Keyword Search
To search by keyword, simply enter your search terms in the text box and click the 'search' button. If you accidentally misspell a word, the search engine will automatically correct the spelling to produce the intended results.
Keyword Search Image
Browse by Category Search
The Browse by Category Search provides a list of Resource Types, Industry Clusters, and O*NET Occupation Families. Click on a Type, Cluster, or Family to produce a list of all the resources in the database associated with that category.
Browse by Category Search Image
Search Results
The search results frequently display more records than can easily be viewed. Use the Narrow your search panel or the Search Within Results box to refine your results. In addition, search results can be sorted so they are ordered by relevance or alphabetically.
For easy reference, keyword(s) entered in the search box are highlighted on the Search Results page. Note that some search results may not contain highlighted keywords. In those cases, keyword(s) were found in database fields that are not displayed.
Refining Search Results
Narrow your search
Refine your results by Resource Type, Industry Cluster, or O*NET Occupation Family by using the panel on the left. The number in parentheses is the number of resources in that category.
Search Within Results
Enter a new keyword in the text box, select the Search Within Results box, and click the 'search' button to refine your results based on a new search term.
Sorting Search Results
Search results are sorted by Relevance as the default setting. They can also be sorted alphabetically by Resource Title by clicking 'Title' in the upper right corner of the search results.
Search Results Image