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Information Technology Career Paths, Ladders, Lattices; Communicate Industry Needs Workforce Development Council Develops Sector Strategies and Career Pathways Washington
The Workforce Development Council (WDC) of Seattle-King County plays a critical role in convening industry, education, and labor leaders around workforce issues and finding solutions that meet business needs and get people jobs. Using a sector strategy approach, the WDC has concentrated its workforce development efforts on five current and three potential high growth industry sectors.

Utilizing a holistic sector approach, the WDC convenes sector panels and meetings for these industries, interfacing with employers, industry associations, community/technical colleges and other entities in the workforce development community of interest. One issue that emerged during work around the information technology (IT) sector was the need to define career pathways for specific high growth jobs within the industry. As a result of extensive labor market data analysis and subsequent deliberations, the WDC identified career paths in four key IT occupational clusters. Another product of these discussions was the identification of the soft and hard skills cited by employers as essential components of a successful IT career, many of which correlate with the academic and workplace competencies in ETA's Information Technology Competency Model. To read the full case summary, click here:
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Date:  July, 2017