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Transportation Tri-State Partnership Develops Career Pathways for Supply Chain Occupations Ohio
#SupplyChainOKI is a career pathway initiative led by Partners for a Competitive Workforce, a partnership in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana tri-state region focused on meeting employer demand for supply chain workers by growing the skills of the current and future workforce. This is a collaborative effort among representatives of business, government agencies, chambers of commerce, community-based organizations, port authorities and educational institutions in this region. To read the full case summary, click here:
(Case Summary PDF, 340 KB).

Date:  November, 2017
Energy: Advanced Commercial Buildings California Community College System Develops New Program to Prepare Building Operations Professionals California
Building Operations Professionals manage the maintenance and operating of building systems and installed equipment, and perform general maintenance to maintain the building's operability, optimize building performance, and ensure the comfort, productivity and safety of the occupants. The California Community College System (CCCS), the largest system of higher education in the nation with 2.1 million students attending 114 colleges, has developed the High Performance Building Operator Program (HPBOP). The HPBOP's focus is on developing a new class of workers for managing intelligent buildings as a strategy for achieving the state's Zero Net Energy goals. To read the full case summary, click here:
(Case Summary PDF, 484 KB)

Date:  October, 2017
Information Technology Community College Develops National Web Portal for Competency-Based Education Resources Virginia
Lord Fairfax Community College, a Round 4, Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grantee, has created the web portal for personalized learning tied to competencies using Open Education Resources. uses nationally-recognized competency frameworks mapped to instructional content. The portal, which is designed to meet the needs of learners, job seekers and employers, focuses on career pathways in Information Technology, Health Care, and Manufacturing. To read the full case summary, click here:
(Case Summary PDF, 504 KB).

Date:  October, 2017
Information Technology Community College Consortium Develops Competency-Based Programs of Study in Information Technology Ohio
Sinclair Community College (SCC) in Dayton, Ohio, the lead educational institution of a three-state Round 2 Trade Adjustment Assistance and Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) grant, has found a better way to develop and deliver education for adult learners than the traditional format that is based solely on the accumulation of credits to attain certificates and degrees. Along with Austin Community College (Texas) and Broward College (Florida), the three colleges adapted a competency-based education (CBE) approach to accelerate information technology learning at their institutions. The CBE model focuses learning on workforce-aligned competencies and is flex-paced, enabling students to learn anytime, anywhere and at their preferred speed. To read the full case summary, click here:
. (Case Summary PDF, 344 KB)

Date:  September, 2017
Advanced Manufacturing Community College System and Grantee Collaborate to Address Advanced Manufacturing Industry Needs Colorado
The Colorado Community College System (CCCS), the state's largest system of higher education, worked collaboratively with a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training grantee, Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program (CHAMP), to address the state's advanced manufacturing industry needs. This partnership complemented the objectives of an initiative enacted by the Colorado State Legislature focused on creating manufacturing career pathways in the state. CHAMP concentrates on increasing the attainment of manufacturing degrees and certificates that align with the competency needs of the industry. The CCCS developed industry-informed manufacturing career pathways that guide and encourage students pursuing such degrees and certificates. To read the full case summary click here:
(Case Summary PDF, 404 KB).

Date:  July, 2017
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