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Industry : Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Model Use(s) : Curriculum Development

"Working with ETA's advisory group helped to define the event management profession and put ETA's competency model in the hands of practitioners. I've been working with organizations, academia and the event industry to adopt the model, which has been received with great enthusiasm and appreciation."

Janet Sperstad
Program Director, Meeting and Event Management
Madison Area Technical College

August, 2016
Industry : Water
Model Use(s) : Develop Curriculum

"ETA's Water industry Competency Model and the resulting Colorado Industry Water Competency Model and core curriculum provided us with a conceptual framework to coordinate operator training with the state. Prior to this, there was no platform for such coordination."

Jeff Oxenford
Technical Services and Training Specialist
Rural Community Assistance Partnership

July, 2016
Industry : Advanced Manufacturing
Model Use(s) : Certification, Licensure and Assessment

"We used the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model as a conceptual framework when making presentations on the Manufacturing Technician Level I credential. It helps to bridge the language gap between employers and educators, graphically depicting what potential workers know as compared to what employers need them to know."

Katherine DeRosear
Partnership Architect
Manufacutring Skills Institute

March, 2016
Industry : Commercial/Industrial Construction
Model Use(s) : Career Paths, Ladders, Lattices

"PCW's Commercial/Institutional/Industrial Construction Competency Model was directly derived from ETA's Competency Model Clearinghouse website. We printed out ETA's Commercial and Industrial Construction Competency Model and went through each itemed, tier by tier, with our advisory group. As a result of thee deliberations, changes were made in some of the language and content to create a competency model reflecting the needs and interests of the region."

Janice Urbanik
Executive Director
Partners for a Competitive Workforce

September, 2015
Industry : Retail
Model Use(s) : Career Paths, Ladders, Lattices; Certification, Licensure and Assessment

"When the Retail Competency Model came along in 2007, it allowed us to visualize our competencies. This has made a huge difference for us. The RMC correlates core competencies for supervisory and management positions within the retail sector with corresponding education and career pathways. We now have an independent body of work from the U.S. Department of Labor to validate and provide credibility to our work. We use the RMC visual depiction as the centerpiece of our presentations to industry partners."

Cherie Phipps
Director, RMC
Western Association of Food Chains, Retail Management Certificate Program (RMC)

June, 2015
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