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CareerOneStop FAQs

What’s on this website?

CareerOneStop’s Credentials Center is a one-stop resource to help you plan, pay for, and achieve your education and training goals. Research shows that earning education or training credentials—such as a certificate, license, or degree—will boost your lifetime earnings. The website offers tools, resources, tips, and information for a wide range of credentials seekers—from those who do not have a high-school degree to those who already have a graduate degree.

Who should use this website?

This Credentials Center is for anyone interested in beginning or advancing their career through education or training. It offers tools, resources, tips, and information for a wide range of credentials seekers—from those who do not have a high-school degree to those who already have a graduate degree.

Where do I get started on this site?

Get started in any one of the following sections:

  • Training Options describes the range of credentials available, and provides tools to learn more and search for programs in your field and local area.
  • Afford Training provides information to help you determine the true cost of various education options, and then identify ways to pay for your education or training needs.
  • Find Your Path offers more information and tips to help you figure out which option is right for you, what employers are looking for, and other questions you may have.

How do I use the Credentials Center tools?

You’ll find detailed instructions for each of the tools on this website below:

Local Training Finder help

Certification Finder help

Apprenticeship Sponsor Finder help

License Finder help

Tools & Technology Finder help

Professional Association Finder help

Job Finder help

American Job Center Finder help

Can I get money to help me pay for training or education expenses?

You may qualify for aid or benefits to help you pay for school or classes. Visit Find money for training, Financial aid, and Scholarships to learn more.

Where can I get more assistance?

For questions about the Credentials Center website, please contact CareerOneStop’s Service Center at

Can I link to any pages of the Credentials Center site?

You are welcome to link from your website to any page on the Credentials Center. Please attribute the link to “CareerOneStop.” For information on placing CareerOneStop logos or widgets on your site, please visit Link to us.

How can I add a link to my website from the Credentials Center site?

As a product of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Credentials Center site generally does not link to private websites. We do, however, link to additional resources that add value for our users. Our exclusion policy prohibits links to websites that are discriminatory, biased, or fee-based (that is, sites that exclusively sell or advertise services or products). If you have a link that you feel meets these criteria, please email; include the name, URL, and description of the website.

Can I publish any of the Credentials Center site data directly on my own site?

Yes, CareerOneStop offers web services, which allow you to publish our range of employment, training, and other data directly on your own website. Without leaving your site, your users can perform searches and more to get the customized results they want. Visit Web API to learn more.

How can I advertise on the Credentials Center site?

The Credentials Center site does not accept advertisements.

Where can I report a broken link on the Credentials Center site?

Please send a description of the broken link and its location, including the web address of the page it is on, to