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      Air Traffic Control Tower Operator(CTO)
      Certification Description
      A Control Tower Operator (CTO) is a tower-rated controller, meaning the individual is rated and tested on ground control, tower flight data, and local control within the tower. Before receiving a CTO permit an individual will normally attend the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy. Equivalent training could be with the U.S. Military or civilian equivalent schools. All Air Traffic Controllers will take the Airman's Written Test (AWT) before controlling aircraft. Once arriving on station or airport, the trainee will sign on position with qualified controllers known as On-the-Job Training Instructors (OJTIs) until the trainee can handle the normal facility traffic and any contingency situations that may arise. At this point the trainee undergoes a 'check ride,' where he or she is observed under normal operating conditions and traffic load. If the check ride is favorable on all positions within the tower, then he or she will be issued a CTO permit by the FAA to work all Tower positions (radar positions entail separate training) within the control tower at that particular facility.
      Certifying Organization
      Federal Aviation Administration
      Certification Details
      • More than two years of education or training after high school required?    Yes
      • More than two years of work experience required?    Yes
      • Oral or Written Exam Required?    Yes
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