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      Aircraft Dispatcher(ADX)
      Certification Description
      Aircraft Dispatcher is an entry level certification and is required for all Aircraft Dispatchers to demonstrate and pass a written and oral exam to receive their license. This certificate also introduces the applicant to an array of crucial components within the FAA and airport operations. Most applicants will attend an Aircraft Dispatchers five (5) week course and take multiple field trips to local area airline operational control centers. Upon completing the course, the student will be an expert in reading and interpreting Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR), Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) forecasts, and many important aviation weather maps, which are used in daily airline Flight Dispatch offices. Both Domestic and Global Navigation Systems are covered thoroughly, as well as the North Atlantic Track System (NATS). NOTAMs and Pilot Reports are also covered during the course.
      Certifying Organization
      Federal Aviation Administration
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      • More than two years of education or training after high school required?    No
      • More than two years of work experience required?    No
      • Oral or Written Exam Required?    No
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