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Taxonomy Updates

Thank you for continued use of CareerOneStop APIs. We have two important updates to share with you.

In response to the changing worlds of work, employment, and occupations, government agencies update occupation taxonomies every decade or so. The SOC taxonomy is established by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (https://www.bls.gov/soc/2018/home.htm). The O*NET taxonomy is an extension of SOC, established by the Employment and Training Administration (https://www.onetcenter.org). These taxonomies are at the core of many important datasets used on CareerOneStop. These taxonomies enable us to make meaningful connections between data from disparate sources.  

CareerOneStop is updating the occupation taxonomies we use

CareerOneStop plans to deploy these updated taxonomies on January 29th on our website and in our APIs. All API services that relate to occupations are affected. All searches will return occupations using the new taxonomy (new codes and new titles).

After we make the transition, if you do not update your system to reflect the new taxonomy, you may notice a lot of data appears to be missing in your results. Also, the system may report that there is no such occupation when you use a code from the 2010 taxonomies that are no longer in use in the new taxonomy.

To fix these issues, you will want to update other parts of your system to use the new taxonomies. As a temporary measure, until you are able to update your system, you could use crosswalks (or services) to translate CareerOneStop results back to previous versions of the taxonomies.

More information about the taxonomy changes can be found here: 



O*NET has also created some web services to help users transition from O*NET 2010 to O*NET 2019. Info on those is here https://services.onetcenter.org/reference/taxonomy



Support is ending for a few legacy web services

Because of this transition, CareerOneStop is discontinuing support for a few very old web services. We are contacting users of those web services individually, to offer support in making a transition to our more modern APIs.

You will be able to find CareerOneStop updates on this page going forward. We plan to update this page as the situation develops. We welcome your questions and comments. Please email us at info@careeronestop.org.