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What's Available?

CareerOneStop offers a wide variety of its employment and labor market data as Web APIs.

Using our Web API, you can integrate CareerOneStop data and site features into your website.

Once you've learned a little about CareerOneStop's Web API offerings, you can request access.

*Please note that the details of our API change from time to time and we recommend you review the documentation regularly

What's Available Description
Get Location Enables developers to validate location input, and to retrieve identities of geographical areas with which it is associated: the state or territory; all the counties and county-equivalents; and all "areas" including MSA, NECTA, and OES-defined nonmetropolitan areas.
Labor Market Information Provides developers with a small chunk of CareerOneStop's Labor Market information include average wages, typical training, and career outlook only.
Occupation Information Provides developers the option to create a complete Occupation Profile including wages, employment, and occupation information.
Employment Patterns Enables developers to input an occupation and get data about the industries in which workers in this occupation are employed.
Occupation Reports Provides developers the option to create reports on occupations including fastest growing jobs, highest paying jobs, careers with declining employment, and more.
Job Description Writer Provides a step-by-step process of building a meaningful job description.
State Resources Provides a list of websites/phone numbers by state that provide information on resources like job search, legal services, legal documents, housing, food, child support and other assistance.
Get occupational licensing information Search a database of occupational licensing information by state and occupation, or keyword. Get information including license title, state, issuing agency contact information, and a description of requirement.
Get certification information Search a database of occupational certification information by occupation, industry, or keyword. Results include certification name, occupation, industry, certifying organization's contact information, requirement information, and renewal information.
Find an American Job Center Quickly locate and get directions to your nearest American Job Center via either Zip code or city. Also return information about services available by location. Includes both comprehensive and affiliate American Job Centers' name, location (with map and driving directions), and contact information for veterans representatives when available. Also includes a method that returns all American Job Center records in a single API call.
Find Professional Associations Find Professional Associations across the United States by keyword, occupation or industry.
Find Tools and technology Returns a list of O*NET defined tools and technologies for a specific O*NET code.
Find education and training Find education and training program information related to an occupation or knowledge area. Get detailed information about programs of study and education and training institutions. Information includes institution and program name, degree and award types, contact information including links to institution websites and more. Information is available at the national, state and local levels for the majority of education and training institutions in the U.S. Education and training information include public, private and non-profit institutions. Data is derived from the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System (IPEDs).
Skills Matcher The Skills Matcher APIs provide developers with the ability to create their own user interface for something like our Skills Matcher. The Get Skills Web API provides 40 skills statements and ratings statements. Users can then rate their level for each skill. This Web API works in conjunction with the Submit Skills API to provide occupation matches based on those skill level ratings.
Identify skill and knowledge gaps between two occupations Identifies the skill and knowledge gaps between two occupations. Occupations are compared on the basis of skill and knowledge attributes included in the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database. The web service also compares the typical training and wage levels for the selected occupations.
Find apprenticeship sponsors by occupation Returns a list of apprenticeship sponsors and sponsorship organization information at the state and local level. Data is derived from the U.S. Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Sponsor database. Note, complete sponsorship information is not available for all states at this time.
List Youth Program Contacts Returns a list of youth program contacts by zip code, city, or state. Youth programs help youths search for jobs or answer questions about employment.
Get job counts and listings Returns a list of job counts and job listings for a specific keyword or O*NET code. The returned list contains the number of jobs available and/ or the number of jobs and job listings in the area as reported by the National Labor Exchange
Get Workforce Development Board and Youth Committee information This API returns information on Workforce Development Boards or Youth Committees by entering a location. This API also includes a request method that returns all Workforce Development Board and Youth Committee records in a single API call.
TAACCCT Grantee Program Search Provides developers information on TAACCCT projects and other related information including Institutions, Program of Study and Courses. You can also get details of the courses, institutions and individual TAACCCT projects.
Unemployment information Provides developers information on Unemployment programs by state; also provides Unemployment rates.