Who's hiring?

Who's hiring?

Who's hiring?

Looking for a job you can start right away?

Whether you’re searching for a permanent position or need a short-term job to get you through this challenging time, you can visit the National Labor Exchange (NLx)’s Need a Job Now to search for immediate openings.

Which employers are hiring right now?

Although many industries have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, others are in need of additional employees to meet their current demand. Here are some of the industries and fields that are currently in need of employees:

Health care. As hospitals and clinics across the country prepare to be overloaded, many are increasing staff in key areas. Of course many healthcare professions require specific training, licenses, or certifications—but there are many jobs in customer service, administration and recordkeeping, and other areas that do not. One bonus: if you’ve been laid off from a hospitality job, you mind find you have skills that transfer directly to some health care customer service jobs. Interested? Try using keywords such as “hospital” “health clinic” or the name of a local hospital or clinic at Need a Job Now. Or, visit the Business Finder to locate health care facilities in your area; then try an Internet search to find their human resources department contact information.

Warehousing and delivery. Goods delivery companies—from giants like Amazon to your local pet store—are seeing huge increases in demand. And they need workers in their warehouses and delivery teams to help them meet that demand. Some businesses hire their own delivery drivers and some use services such as UPS, FedEx, or the postal service—creating a high demand for drivers in those organizations as well. Search for these positions at Need a Job Now using the company name or key words such as “delivery” or “warehouse”.

Grocery stores and pharmacies. With everybody eating at home—and many avoiding public areas—grocery and related stores are busier than ever. Many are ramping up curbside pickup or delivery options and need more employees to fulfill orders. Most of these jobs don’t require experience or training, so they can be a great immediate opportunity. Visit the Business Finder to find local stores that might be hiring, or search Need a Job Now using keywords such as “grocery” or “retail”.

IT support. With so much of the workforce now working from home, businesses across the country are struggling to meet the IT needs of their telecommuters. If you have IT support experience—and especially if you’re experienced in remote IT or videoconferencing support—your skills are in high demand. Search Need a Job Now using key words such as “IT support”. Or, use the Business Finder to identify and reach out to local companies and organizations to find out if they need your skills.