Find help paying your bills.

If COVID-19 has impacted your finances, you may qualify for assistance or delayed payments. Check out the information below.

Loans and credit cards

Many lenders are offering payment assistance for a variety of loans and credit cards. They are offering refunds on fees, deferred payments, or other assistance, without impact on your credit bureau record.

To access this assistance, contact your lender or credit card company to request a forbearance plan based on financial hardship related to the Coronavirus. This would delay, rather than eliminate, your payments so be sure you understand the repayment plan agreement. Legislation stipulates that financial companies may not charge additional interest during this time.

Temporary student loan relief

All loan and interest payments for all federally owned student loans may be deferred through Sept. 30, without penalty to the borrower. Contact your lender to request this service.

Unemployment benefits

Recent federal law has increased the number of people who qualify for cash unemployment benefits. If you’re not sure if you qualify, find your state’s unemployment benefits office.