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Your interests

Your interests

Fact: People who like their jobs are more successful at work than people who don't like their jobs.

When your job includes things you like to do, you're more likely to enjoy it. You're more likely to keep your job. And you're more likely to earn more money.

Think about the things you like to do. These are your interests. Now think about jobs where you might get to do those things. These are your career matches. Look at the table below for ideas.

Interests and career matches

Matching types of jobs
Helpful links
Building things

Construction jobs

Production helper

Cooking or preparing food

Restaurant cook


Food preparation / service

Doing detailed work

Office jobs

Stock clerk

Shipping and receiving

Data processing

Fixing cars

Automotive technicians

Body work

Helping others

Home health aide

Human services aide

Customer service

Talking with people

Retail sales


Food server

Working outdoors


Highway / road maintenance

Recycling worker

Find your career matches!

An interest assessment is a short survey that helps you find your interests and match them to careers. Click on the "Take an interest assessment" link in the box below to get started. You'll answer questions about activities you like to do. If you have never done the activity, imagine whether you would like it or just make a best guess based on your other experience.

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