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After you land a job

Getting a job takes effort. Make the most of your hard work by following through to keep it.

Here are some basic tips to being successful at work:

  • Stick to your schedule. Go to work and be on time every day you are scheduled. Try for perfect attendance.
  • Follow the rules. Follow company policies about safety, dress code, break times, and other guidelines.
  • Make it a priority to get along with co-workers and supervisors. If you have a problem, seek out a positive solution through your supervisor or Human Resources department.
  • Dress appropriately. Ask your supervisor what's appropriate. Also, notice what successful co-workers are wearing.
  • Learn all you can from the job, co-workers and leaders. Show an interest in improving your job skills and take training if it's available.
  • Act professionally. This means:
    • Don't make personal phone calls or send personal e-mails during work time.
    • Don't use company equipment, such as the copier or computers, for your own tasks.
    • Don't use curse words or slang, or speak too casually to customers or your boss.
    • Never use alcohol or illegal drugs at work.
    • Don't sleep on the job or go to work exhausted and unable to do your best.

Outside of work hours, you can do a few simple things to keep your career on track.

  • Maintain positive habits and sobriety. Seek out contacts and support groups in the community that will help you practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pay attention to the money you earn and spend. Ask someone for help with a budget if you haven't been successful managing your money in the past.
  • Think about career goals. Visit Explore careers to get started.
  • Find ways to increase your skills. Get started at Get training.
  • Meet positive people to add to your network of contacts.
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