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Aid and your conviction

Aid and your conviction

Can you still get financial aid even if you have a conviction on your record?

The short answer is: yes. Many people with felony convictions can receive financial aid, but they don't apply. The best way to find out what aid you qualify for is by completing the FAFSA. You'll find a link in the Resources box below.

Two types of convictions can affect eligibility: drug convictions and sex offenses.

Drug convictions

If you had a drug conviction, the FAFSA Drug Conviction Worksheet will help you determine your eligibility. Find the link in the Resources box below. If you are not eligible:

  • You might still qualify for financial aid from another source such as scholarships, or funds from the school. Make an appointment with the school financial aid office to find out about aid they may offer, or to search for scholarships that fit your situation.
  • You may regain your eligibility if you complete an acceptable drug rehabilitation program

Sex offenses

If you have been convicted of a forcible or nonforcible sexual offense, and you are subject to an involuntary civil commitment upon completion of a period of incarceration for that offense, you cannot receive a Federal Pell Grant.

You should still complete your FAFSA application because you could be eligible for other financial aid from your state or private sources.

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