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Ready to begin or finish a college degree?

A college degree can help you find a job, advance your career, and earn more money. Some people are nervous about attending college. But remember, your record may make you extra motivated for success.

There are two main types of college degrees:

  • Associate degrees usually take two years of full-time college work, but some can take up to four years.
  • Bachelor's degrees usually require four years of full-time college work, but some take longer.

Learn more about colleges that might meet your needs at Find Local Training. You'll be able to search for schools by keyword and location. Once you find a school that may be a good fit for you, contact the admissions department to ask some of the questions below:

  • Does the school offer a part-time schedule for working adults?
  • Do they offer open admissions, which means anyone with a high school diploma or GED can attend?
  • Can you take one class to get used to being in a classroom with tests and homework to complete?
  • Are there special resources for adult learners?
  • What kinds of financial aid are available?
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Find State Resources