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Research industries

Research Industries

Industry changes can create or eliminate jobs. Find trends for your state.

Learn about industry trends to improve your job search or career planning.

Why care about industries?

An “industry” is a group of companies related by business activities, such as manufacturing, health care, or energy production. 

In these reports, learn about which industries have the largest employment, pay the most, and are fastest-growing. This information can help you think about the kinds of companies you'd like to work for. You can also learn which industries are losing workers, which may be important for your long-term career plans.  

Some workers can choose their preferred industry because their skills or knowledge are needed by many industries. For example, positions in IT fields, human resources, sales, and other occupations exist in most industries.  

View Career Cluster / Industry Videos
Learn about major industries and the careers they offer with these videos highlighting popular carer clusters.

Fastest-Growing Industries
Find the industries that are projected to grow the fastest. Includes past and projected industry employment levels and growth rates.

Industries with the Largest Employment
View the industries with the largest employment nationwide. Includes details about employment and links to more detailed industry information.

Industries with Declining Employment
Create a list of industries with the largest projected decline in employment nationwide. Includes past and projected industry employment levels and growth rates.

Highest-Paying Industries
Find the highest-paying industries. Includes details of average weekly wages and average annual wages.