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Short-term training

Short-term training can give your career a boost.

Short-term training includes any class or program that lasts less than two years. All short-term training can help you find a job, get a promotion, or earn more money. Many programs lead to a certificate, which can give you a helpful edge in the job market.

Free and low-cost training

You may be able to access many free or low-cost training options online or in your local community. Options range from brushing up on basic skills such as English, math, or computers, to mastering specialized skills such as software programs.

Look for free and low-cost training options:

  • Visit Tools & Technology Finder to learn which tools, software, or technology are common in your current field, or the field you want to enter.
  • Search online for free training using “How to” and the name of a skill you want to learn.
  • Find a local library to ask what training or workshops they offer.
  • If you are between 16 and 24 years old, you might qualify for Job Corps, a free training program.
  • The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides workers with basic and more advanced training about common safety and health hazards on the job.
  • Contact your local school district or community organization to see what training is available to the public.

Certificate programs

Many community or technical college programs can lead to a certificate award in less than two years. Having a certificate in your field can help you qualify for a job, get a promotion, or earn more money.

Look for short-term training programs near you at Local Training Finder. Get started with these simple steps:

  • Enter a keyword for the type of job or training you’re looking for.
  • Enter your location to view a list of programs near you.
  • Use the “Program Length” filter on the left-hand side of your results to limit your results by how long it typically takes to complete the program.