Is education worth it?

Is education worth it?

Is education worth it?

More education can lead to higher earnings and greater freedom.

Think the main reason to further your education is to earn more money? Well, that's a great start! A better quality of life is another reason.

Besides earning more money, people who complete higher education usually experience much greater freedom in their working life.


  • Can choose from a greater variety of careers
  • Get to use skills they enjoy
  • Have much more success at finding new jobs when needed

They are also more likely to own their home, have children and other family members who attend college, and be a role model in their communities. They are less likely to have serious struggles like long-term unemployment, poverty, and going to prison.

In this chart, see how earnings rise along with education levels, and how workers with less education experience more unemployment:

Earnings and unemployment rates by educational attainment chart