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Short-term training

A small investment can have big pay-offs for your career.

Short-term training

Short-term training includes classes or programs that last anywhere between one day and two years. It can help you qualify for a job, get a promotion, or earn more money.

Short-term training programs change often, as employers look for new skills and credentials. Short-term training choices include seminars, workshops, continuing education, personal enrichment courses, non-credit courses, and college diploma and certificate programs. Explore different options to find training that fits your needs.

Free and low-cost training

Many websites and community sources offer free or low-cost training. Options range from brushing up on basic skills such as English, math, or computers, to mastering specialized skills such as software programs.

Look for free and low-cost training options:

  • Search online for free training using “How to” and the name of a skill you want to learn, or get started at SkilledUp to browse hundreds of online options.
  • Khan Academy offers free online learning in school subjects at levels from junior high through college.
  • Coursera and Academic Earth both offer free online college classes through video lecture, quizzes, and readings.
  • Find a local library to ask what training or workshops they offer.
  • Contact your local school district or community organization to see what training is available to the public.

Certificate programs

Many community and technical college programs can lead to a certificate award in less than two years. A certificate shows an employer that you have completed training and passed any required tests, and can give you an edge in the job market.

Look for short-term training programs near you at Local Training Finder. Get started with these simple steps:

  • Enter a keyword for the type of job or training you’re looking for.
  • Enter your location to view a list of programs near you.
  • To see how long it usually takes to finish a certificate program, use the “Program Length” filter on the left side of your results.

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