Ideas for first jobs

Ideas for first jobs

Ideas for first

Looking for your first job? Many options don't require experience.

Getting and keeping your first job is a big step. To find out what kind of work you can get without previous experience or special training, check out this list of job titles. For most of these positions, employers will train you after you are hired.

Click the job title to learn more about any of these types of jobs: you'll find the typical tasks, the training needed, the average pay, and a link to job listings in your local area.

AmeriCorps is for youth ages 18 to 24. Serve your community for one year, earn a small stipend, and get health insurance as well as help paying for college.

Job Corps offers free job training for low-income youth ages 16-24; live on campus, receive health care, counseling, and job placement.

YouthBuild trains youth in construction skills by building housing for homeless and low-income people. For ages 16-24 who are not in school or employed. 

National Guard Youth Challenge helps youth ages 16 to 18 complete a high school diploma, and enroll in college, trade school, the military, or a job.