Choose your career

Choose your career

Choose your career

What is the best way to decide on a career?

To choose a career, you need to know facts about yourself, and about the careers you think you’d like. Put them together for your best career fit.

The chart below gives you good questions to ask about each career you’re interested in—and where to find the information to answer them.

Questions to ask
Where to find information for answers
Would I enjoy this work?
Take an Interest Assessment to see which careers fit your interests.
Would I be good at it?
Download the Skills Checklist (en español) to identify your skills, and check the Occupation Profile skills section.
How well does this career fit what I like and am good at?

Look at these sections on an Occupation Profile:

  • Occupation description
  • tasks and work activities
  • Career video
How much education would I need?
How long would it take?
How much would it cost?

Look at the Occupation Profile education section to see if this matches your education goals, where training is available in your area, and how much it costs:

  • Education needed at entry
  • Typical education
  • Local training programs in your area
How much money would I earn in this career?

Look at the Occupation Profile wages section to see if you would earn enough money in this occupation:

  • Average wages and salary
  • Average pay range (low is generally entry-level wages or wages in lower-paying rural areas; high is generally for more experienced or highly trained workers, or in higher-paying urban areas)
  • Cost of living for your area
Are there jobs in my area?

Look at the Occupation Profile for these facts to see if many job openings are expected in this field, in your location:

  • Employment outlook
  • Current employment in your city, state, or area
  • Local job openings