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Find job search help

Looking for help with your career, training, or job search plan?

You can find free support at your local American Job Center. These Centers are part of a national program that helps people find meaningful work. You can:

  • Get help looking for a summer or full-time job
  • Learn about high-school equivalency options
  • Find out about local training or education programs
  • Ask to talk to a youth coordinator about other career, training, or job search help

Get started with a quick search for your local American Job Center and see how they can help you.

For more tips and resources to job search, check out Employment. Here are some other great places to find a person to talk to:

  • Community youth programs. Most cities, towns, or communities have programs to help young adults finish school, find a job, or solve other issues. They can be a great place to get connected to opportunities. Ask about programs in your area at school, an American Job Center, or social service providers. 
  • Your teachers, counselors, caseworker, or other school staff. If you're a student, ask a teacher or counselor for help—or, ask them to recommend another helper.
  • Friends or family. If you need help with a specific issue, ask the people you already know if they can recommend someone you can talk to. If you're a member of a religious group, ask there. If you have a job, ask your boss or co-workers. If you already have a caseworker, ask them.
  • Visit the State Resource Finder, select your state, and check the Job Search tab to find additional job search help in your state.