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GetMyFuture FAQs

CareerOneStop FAQs

What's on this website?

GetMyFuture is a one-stop resource to help anyone age 14 to 24 plan and achieve their career, education, and employment goals. This mobile-friendly website offers easy-to-use tools, information, videos, links to resources, and more to help young adults explore career options, learn about education and training opportunities, and find a job.

Who should use this website?

Anyone who is - or works with people who are - age 14 to 24 will find helpful information on the website. The website has special resources for young adults who:

Counselors, caseworkers, and other professionals working with young adults will find helpful worksheets, activities and other resources in the User Guide.

Where do I get started on this site?

Get started in any one of the following sections:

  • Explore Careers helps you learn about your interests, identify your skills, explore career options, and select a career that’s right for you.
  • Education offers information about education and training options, including finishing high school, finding short-term training or apprenticeship opportunities in your area, and selecting and applying to college programs.
  • Employment provides information on how to find a job, including ideas for your first job, how to conduct a job search, filling out applications, writing resumes and practicing for interviews.
  • Find Support offers special resources for challenges you might be facing as well as links to local places and programs that can offer you assistance.
  • Visit the User Guide for quick access to worksheets and checklists, suggested activities, and a collection of success-story videos.
  • Visit the Toolkit for descriptions and quick links to all GetMyFuture tools

How do I use the GetMyFuture tools?

You’ll find detailed instructions for each of the tools on this website below:

Interest Assessment instructions
Occupation Profile instructions
Salary Finder instructions
Job Finder instructions
Local Training Finder instructions
Scholarship Finder instructions
Apprenticeship Sponsor Finder instructions
Business Finder instructions
American Job Center Finder instructions
State Resource Finder instructions

Where can I get more assistance with this website?

For questions about the GetMyFuture website, please contact CareerOneStop’s Service Center at

Can I link to any pages of GetMyFuture?

You are welcome to link from your website to any page on GetMyFuture. Please attribute the link to “CareerOneStop.” For information on placing CareerOneStop logos or widgets on your site, please visit Link to us.

How can I add a link to my website from GetMyFuture?

As a product of the U.S. Department of Labor, GetMyFuture generally does not link to private websites. We do, however, link to additional resources that add value for our users. Our exclusion policy prohibits links to websites that are discriminatory, biased, or fee-based (that is, sites that exclusively sell or advertise services or products). If you have a link that you feel meets our criteria, please email; include the name, URL, and description of the website.

Can I publish any GetMyFuture data directly on my own site?

Yes, CareerOneStop offers web services, which allow you to publish our range of employment, training, and other data directly on your own website. Without leaving your site, your users can perform searches and more to get the customized results they want. Visit Web Services to learn more.

How can I advertise on GetMyFuture?

GetMyFuture does not accept advertisements.

Where can I report a broken link on GetMyFuture?

Please send a description of the broken link and its location, including the web address of the page it is on, to