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Award Type - Scholarship
Affiliation Required - Minority
Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
Underrepresented in Medicine award
Organization: American Medical Association
Purpose: To encourage diversity in medicine and alleviates debt, and reward commitment to the elimination of healthcare disparities, outstanding academic achievements, leadership activities and community involvement.
Graduate Degree Scholarship

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor's Scholarship Program
Organization: University of Wisconsin Madison
Purpose: To support UW-Madison students in their education.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $400 February
UPS Scholarship for Minority Students
Organization: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
Purpose: To support the education of industrial engineering students for academic excellence and campus leadership.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $4,000 November
UW-Madison Engineering Diversity Scholarship
Organization: University of Wisconsin Madison
Purpose: To encourage broadened participation in Engineering.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $500
UW-Madison School of Education Minority Scholarship
Organization: University of Wisconsin Madison
Purpose: To support UW-Madison minority students in their education.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship

VSCPA Educational Foundation Minority Accounting Scholarship
Organization: Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
Purpose: To financially support minority accounting students.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $1,500
Warner Norcross & Judd Minority Scholarships
Organization: Warner Norcross and Judd L.L.P.
Purpose: To provide encouragement and financial assistance to students of racial and ethnic minority heritage pursuing a career in law.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,000
Warren M. Anderson Scholarship
Organization: Indiana State University
Purpose: To support the educational pursuit of underrepresented minority students.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
William G. Anderson, DO, Minority Scholarships
Organization: American Osteopathic Foundation
Purpose: To support and recognize an outstanding minority osteopathic medical student who is committed to osteopathic principals and practice, has excelled academically, and has proven to be a leader in addressing the educational, societal, and health needs of minorities.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $10,000
Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship
Organization: Zelle Hofmann, Voelbel and Mason, LLP
Purpose: To support students who are pursuing education in law.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $15,000