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We found 8,196 awards.
Award Name Level Of Study Award Type Award
Zarley, McKee, Thomte, Voorhees, Sease Law Scholarship
Organization: Drake University Law School
Purpose: To support the education of law students at the Drake University Law School.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship

Zelda Walling Vicha Memorial Scholarships
Organization: American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants
Purpose: To assist the continuing education of podiatry students.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $2,000
Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship
Organization: Zelle Hofmann, Voelbel and Mason, LLP
Purpose: To support students who are pursuing education in law.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $15,000
Zelma Gray Medical School Scholarship
Organization: Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
Purpose: To provide scholarship assistance to promising medical provider from Guernsey County High School in order to improve the medical access and healthcare in Ohio.
Graduate Degree Scholarship

Zelus Recovery College Scholarship
Organization: Zelus Recovery
Purpose: To further the message that treating adolescents and young adults with substance abuse problems is a means of helping them find their way back to health and happiness so they can become contributing members of society.
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $1,000 August
Zelus Recovery Scholarship
Organization: Zelus Recovery
Purpose: Zelus Recovery specializes in treating adolescents and young adults with substance abuse problems. Our goal is to help young people find their way back to health and happiness so they can become contributing members of society. We have created the Zelus Recovery Scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduates students to further that message.
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Degree
Scholarship $1,000 August
Zenko Family Scholarship
Organization: Grand Haven Area Community Foundation
Purpose: To provide assistance to students to further their education.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Zenon C. R. Hansen Leadership Scholarship
Organization: National Eagle Scout Association
Purpose: To assist the education of an Eagle Scout student.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
Zeqr Scholarship
Organization: Zeqr
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to students in Canada and the United States.
Bachelor's Degree Scholarship $1,000 December
Zeta Chapter Memorial Award
Organization: Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
Purpose: To provide educational resources for women, and to promote the professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.
Bachelor's Degree Prize