User Guide

User Guide

User Guide

What can you do on the GetMyFuture website?

This website has information, tools, and links to resources to help anyone age 14 to 24:

  • Explore careers
  • Learn about and locate training or education programs
  • Conduct a successful job search

The goal of this site is to help young adults overcome barriers and plan and achieve a path to career success.

Explore the site using the navigation labels across the top—or jump right to our different types of resources below.

  • Take an Interest Assessment to find careers that match you best
  • Look up your career matches in the Occupation Profile to learn:
    • how much you might earn
    • how much school you might need
    • what you might do in a day
    • if there are likely to be job openings in your area
  • Set career goals to help you enter and succeed in a career that's right for you
  • Once you know your career goal, use the Occupation Profile to find out the level of training needed
  • Check out the Education section to sort out the right training option for you
  • Use the Local Training Finder to find schools and programs in your area; visit school websites for application information and training costs
  • Learn about different ways available to pay for school
  • Is furthering your education worth the time, money and effort? Is education worth it? shows the basic value of education.
  • For an entry-level job, check this first jobs list to see what you think you'd like to do
  • Put together your work documents to be ready to apply
  • Make a personal data record to take when you fill out applications, or make a resume if needed
  • Practice how to answer interview questions
  • Try several ways to find job openings to up your chances of getting hired

Throughout this website, you'll see videos of real people discussing their own career, education, or job search progress. Learn about how they overcame barriers and created success for themselves.

Visit our Video Page to check out all of our success-story videos.