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State job banks

State job banks

Find your state job bank below to post your resume and register your job search.

Employers can also post jobs at no charge to their state’s job bank. Note that both job seekers and employers will need to register at their state’s job bank. Registration is free, but policies including wait times may vary.

Want to search job postings on four major job banks? Visit Job Finder.

Other Job Banks

What you can do on a job bank

Most job banks will give you a general introduction to using their site. Here are the common tasks you can do at most job banks:

  • Search and apply for job openings. There are thousands of online job banks. Most work in the same basic way. Employers pay to post job openings. Job seekers search the openings for free. They can register to learn more and apply for jobs. This should also be free of charge.
  • Post your resume. Sometimes you can post your resume without applying for a specific job. Then employers might still match you to an open position. Follow the specific instructions on each job bank site to post your resume.
  • Get a feel for the jobs and the pay. Job banks can be a good research tool. You can learn what skills employers are looking for. You can also learn what kind of pay to expect for different jobs.

What to avoid

  • You should not have to pay to search through job openings on a job bank. You should also be able to post your resume for free. However, you may have to register with a user name and password in order to use all the features of a job bank.
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes, job postings on online job banks are scams. They try to get you to pay up front or perform illegal activities. Beware of job postings that ask you for an "up-front" investment of money. Also be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. For instance, you can't really earn thousands of dollars for depositing checks from foreign countries. And it may be illegal to ship items from your home. Read more about job scams from
  • Never give personal information. A legitimate company won't ask you for certain personal details online. Be careful about giving your social security or national ID number online. Also be wary of giving a credit card number, bank account information, or similar details.