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Use the social networking sites

Use the social networking sites

New to social media? Discover how to get on board.

Social networking sites offer an immediate way to network with others, search for jobs, market your strengths, and more. The table below lists two of the most popular sites—LinkedIn and Facebook—and briefly explains some of your options with each.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking tool that lets you build a resume-like profile and use it to connect with others, as well as research and share information.

  • Network with current and former colleagues and supervisors, professional groups, and friends
  • Ask for and give recommendations
  • Conduct job search activities: look for jobs, post your resume, etc.
  • Conduct research on companies and their employees
  • Track what people are saying about business trends and topics
  • Ask targeted questions and get answers from the network


If you have a Facebook account, it can be a great way to network with friends and family about your job search. 

To create an effective profile, follow the same strategies you would for creating a powerful resume. Remember that your resume and your social networking profiles are important ways of communicating your brand.