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Highlight your accomplishments

Highlight your accomplishments

Your accomplishments show the employer what you can achieve.

The first thing an employer wants to learn from a resume is “how could this person help my organization?” You can help the employer find an answer by including your accomplishments.

Think about what you did in past jobs. What problems did you solve? What solutions did you come up with? What benefits did this have for the business, customers, or employees?

Use these questions to start listing your accomplishments:


Beth was asked to look at the company’s online project file system, which was disorganized and hard to use.

She analyzed the system and reorganized it so information was more logically arranged and easier to find.

She made coworkers’ work easier, which saved them time and allowed them to serve customers more effectively.

Here’s how Beth expressed the accomplishments from the table above:

“Led a project to streamline and reorganize the company’s SharePoint project file system, making it easier and faster for employees to find information and serve customers.”

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