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Identify transferable skills

Identify transferable skills

Your transferable skills are a major selling point; make sure you know yours.

An important part of what makes you valuable to an employer is your skillset. Transferable skills are used in many different careers, and help make you an attractive job candidate. But identifying skills - especially the transferable ones - can be difficult.

To identify yours, take a Skills Assessment, or try listing the key tasks from your previous jobs and highlight the verbs - or action words - you wrote down. Some examples of transferable skills include:

Transferable Skill


Writing, speaking, listening, using communication tools like email appropriately

Critical thinking

Analysis, problem-solving, strategic planning, decision-making


Good time manager, organized, motivated, responsible, reliable


Understanding, diplomatic, discreet, supportive, assertive

Highlight your transferable skills in your resume as well as during job interviews. Next, learn how to highlight your accomplishments.