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Edit and proofread

Take time every time you send a resume to be sure it's flawless.

Once you have a solid draft resume in place, the next stage is revision. Ideally, you'll have time to put the draft away for a day, so you can view it with fresh eyes.

Use this checklist to improve your resume, and find related information on planning, researching, and writing your resume.

Your resume overall Complete? For more information

My resume sells me, my accomplishments, and my brand so readers know exactly what I offer.

Top resume strategies

The top half of my resume includes a summary or profile that sums up my strengths and experience.


Top portion of resume

I have researched my job target, employer requirements, and my own qualifications, and my resume reflects all three.


Do your research

My resume contains all of the necessary elements and is in a format that’s appropriate to my goals.


The basic elements;
Select the best format

Your use of language

My resume is written in concise, resume-appropriate language, not full sentences.


Write a first draft

I have used specific keywords like “Microsoft Access” rather than general terms like “good computer skills.”


Applicant tracking systems

Overall look and feel of the resume

There is plenty of white space so the resume is easy to scan and text is not overwhelming to readers.


Design for easy reading

I have used headings and bullets to break up content and present information logically and effectively.


Design for easy reading


The spacing between sections and under headings is consistent.


Design for easy reading

Get general feedback on your resume

After you edit your resume, ask someone with work experience you trust to read and comment on it. Do they “get” your brand? Does your resume do a good job of selling your qualifications for the job target you’re after? Is it easy to read and understand?

Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Even if you are a terrific candidate for the job, nothing will get your resume tossed into the “NO” pile faster than careless typos. So proofread your resume several times yourself, and have at least one other person proofread it as well.

Once you’ve done the appropriate revision and quality checks, it’s time to market your resume to prospective “buyers.”