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What's New 2015

January-March 2015

Announcing the new CareerOneStop

Visit the new CareerOneStop at www.CareerOneStop.org. Watch What can CareerOneStop do for you? for an overview, or get started at one of the six main sections:

Launched in March 2015, the new CareerOneStop website offers streamlined access to key resources and tools for job seekers, businesses, veterans, students, workers with disabilities, older workers, workers with criminal convictions, and more. And for those seeking career, training, or job search resources on the go, the site is fully mobile-ready—meaning it automatically adjusts to fit smartphone or tablet screens.

  • Explore Careers—Get quick access to occupation details as well as information on self-assessments, career planning, and more
  • Find Training—Find local training programs as well as information on training options, certifications, licenses, financial aid, and more
  • Job Search—Find job listings updated daily from US.jobs, America’s Job Exchange, CareerBuilder, and Indeed, along with enhanced tips on networking, resumes, interviews, and more
  • Local Help—Use the American Job Center Finder and nearly a dozen additional tools to easily locate and get contact information for local workforce services across the United States
  • Toolkit—Find all of CareerOneStop’s online tools in one spot—more than three dozen tools in all
  • Resources for—Use CareerOneStop’s targeted resources for veterans, businesses, laid-off workers, career professionals, workers with disabilities, people with criminal records, and others

Visit www.CareerOneStop.org to check out the new resources and please contact CareerOneStop at info@CareerOneStop.org with your feedback or questions.

Check out the Credentials Center

In March 2015, CareerOneStop launched its new Credentials Center (www.CareerOneStop.org/Credentials)! Visitors will find a one-stop site for learning about and selecting the education and training option that will most benefit them—whether they want to get a job, advance in their workplace, change careers, or meet another employment goal.

Visit the Credentials Center to get started in one of four main sections:

  • Training Options—Find straightforward information on the range of available training options, from achieving a GED to obtaining a certificate, certification, or advanced degree
  • Afford Training—Learn about financial aid, training benefits, and other sources of paying for education and training
  • Find Your Path—Plan and meet training goals based on your unique needs and experiences, as well as labor market demand
  • Toolkit—Access free, user-friendly tools to help locate training programs, schools, certifications, apprenticeships, occupational licenses, professional associations, American Job Centers, local job postings, and more

Just like the redesigned CareerOneStop, the Credentials Center is mobile-ready so it automatically adjusts to fit smartphone or tablet screens.

Visit www.CareerOneStop.org/Credentials to check out the new resources and email CareerOneStop at info@CareerOneStop.org with your feedback or questions.

The latest: CareerOneStop’s blog

You can stay up to date on relevant topics including job search, interviewing skills, and more from CareerOneStop. Here are just a few of the blog posts.

Check out all of the posts at blog.careeronestop.org! And you can subscribe to the blog by entering your email address in the right column to receive future blog updates.

Case study: cybersecurity competency model

We rely on computer systems to help us in virtually all aspects of our lives . . . at home, in our business, in government, and as part of our national defense efforts. It is vital that those computer systems be protected from information theft or system sabotage. That’s where cybersecurity experts come in: their job is to ferret out the weaknesses in systems, and design and implement protective measures.

How can academic institutions effectively prepare students to meet the ever-growing needs of cybersecurity employers? Find out in this new case summary on the activities of the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College, now available on Competency Models in Action. It details how NCI uses the Cybersecurity Competency Model, published in June 2014 on the Competency Model Clearinghouse, to validate existing curricula and to design new curricula to meet the needs of the cybersecurity industry sector. www.CareerOneStop.org/CMC/ExcelsiorSummary

Advanced Commercial Buildings competency model

The Competency Model Clearinghouse’s latest model has been released! The Energy: Advanced Commercial Buildings Competency Model answers the demand for a commercial buildings workforce that possesses advanced competencies in operations, maintenance, and energy-related technologies. This project is closely aligned with new national workforce guidelines for the job titles of Building Operations Professional, Energy Auditor, Building Commissioning Professional, and Energy Manager. The model was developed by the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) in collaboration with the Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)/DOE Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines project. Other forthcoming models are in Enterprise Security, Hospitality and Tourism, and Engineering.

Visit the Energy: Advanced Commercial Buildings model page on the Clearinghouse site at www.CareerOneStop.org/CMC/AdvancedCommercial.

April- September 2015

Announcing CareerOneStop Mobile Apps

CareerOneStop has collected six of its most popular career, job, and training tools into one free app- now available for Android or iPhone

Search for "CareerOneStop Mobile" in Apple's App Store or at Google Play and check out the following features:

  • Find an American Job Center
  • Find a Job
  • Veterans Job Search
  • Salary Finder
  • Training Finder
  • Unemployment Insurance Finder

New WIOA Provisions

Many pieces of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) took effect in July and CareerOneStop has been updated to reflect name and organizational changes. The WIOA legislation, signed into law in July 2014, re-authorizes the former Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and you'll find the following changes on CareerOneStop:

  • The WIOA Eligible Training Provider list has been updated to reflect the July 1, 2015 change from WIA to WIOA, and continues to help users identify eligible training providers in any state
  • Also as of July 1, 2015, Workforce Investement Boards (WIBs) are now Workforce Development Boards (WDBs). The basic structure of state and local WIBs is maintained under the new organization. CareerOneStop's Workforce Development Board Finder lets users locats WDBs across the country.

Read more about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act from the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration.

CareerOneStop Blog

You can stay up to date on relevant topics including job search, interviewing skills, and more from CareerOneStop.

Check out all the blog posts at blog.careeronestop.org and subscribe by entering your email address to receive future updates

Business Finder

CareerOneStop's Employer locator is now the Business Finder. Visit the updated tool to learn about businesses, government and non-profits that may be hiring in your local area. Then use the contact information to explore current job openings. This easy-to-use finder tool allows you to search near 17 million employers by business name, industry, occupation and location.

Check out the Business Finder tool.

New Competency Models on the Clearinghouse

New models are continuously being added to the Competency Model Clearinghouse, and old ones updated. The two newest additions are the Hospitality, Tourism and Events model, and the Engineering model.

Keep checking the Clearinghouse to access the latest models, tools, and case studies.

October-December 2015

Mobile-ready career tools

CareerOneStop is easier to use than ever on your smartphone or tablet.

Seven of CareerOneStop's most popular career, training and job search tools are now mobile-ready; they'll automatically adjust for optimal use on any device.

Visit CareerOneStop.org on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to access all the features of these tools:

  • American Job Center Finder Find an American Job Center location in any location across the United States
  • Business Finder enables you to search by business name, industry, or occupation for businesses in any location across the United States
  • Job Finder provides job listings, updated daily, for any local area in the United States
  • Local Training Finder lets you locate education and training programs- from short-term training to college degree programs-in your local area
  • Salary Finder provides average hourly wages or annual salaries by occupation and location
  • Unemployment Benefits Finder has details for each state's unemployment insurance program including how to file-whether it's online, by phone, or in person
  • Veterans Job Finder matches military job experience to civilian career, and links to local job listings for those careers

Looking for more? All of CareerOneStop's content on career exploration, training, and jobs is also mobile-ready; check it out at www.CareerOneStop.org

Don't forget our app!

CareerOneStop Mobile includes six CareerOneStop tools in one free smartphone app. Download your free app on Google Play and the App Store to check out the features.

New look for America's Career InfoNet and Service Locator

Two of CareerOneStop's popular websites have been integrated into the main CareerOneStop website. Don't be surprised when you see a new look on your next visit - you'll still be able to find all your favorite tools and resources:

www.CareerInfoNet.org and www.ACINET.org now take you to CareerOneStop's Toolkit.

www.servicelocator.org now takes you to CareerOneStop's Local Help section.

The transition is part of CareerOneStop's continued efforts to integrate our related resources into a more seamless user experience. The new landing pages will link more easily with the rest of CareerOneStop's career, training, and job resources; they continue to include all of the links you once accessed from the old pages; and any bookmarks you have in place will continue to link you to your resources of choice.

New on the CMC - Using the Competency Model Clearinghouse to Build Career Pathways

Partners for a Competitive Workforce, a workforce partnership in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana tri-state region, has developed industry competency models from the Commercial and Industrial Construction and Advanced Manufacturing Competency Models on the Competency Model Clearinghouse. Read about how they customized ETA models to support career pathways in the latest CMC case summary.

Go to www.CareerOneStop.org/CMC to learn more about the Competency Model Clearinghouse.