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Self employment

Ever wanted to be your own boss?

Many older workers have found satisfaction and success by translating their experience into a business of their own.

  • Options: You could start your dream business, buy an existing one, or enlist in a franchise program. Each of these career paths has an advantage in that the only person who can fire you is yourself. But they also come with a high failure rate.
  • Consulting: Switching from job hunting to consulting isn’t that much of a stretch. Many job seekers consult while they look for jobs. Some even stop job hunting because they have become successful consultants and like the flexibility. Some even surpass their previous salary.
  • Assess your fit: Self-employment is not without big challenges. You need to find and nurture clients, manage business partners and staff, network, research, learn new skills and be a self-starter. Self-discipline is a necessity. Take this assessment to check your readiness for self-employment.
  • Support: Find in-depth resources and contacts for local support to start your business through the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  • Health insurance: Options change with self-employment. Learn about health insurance options.