Negotiate a job offer

Negotiate a job offer

Negotiate a job offer

Start your new job with a better offer by learning to negotiate.

You may feel grateful just to get a job offer, which is a great accomplishment, but negotiating for your offer package is legitimate and generally expected. The key is making a reasonable request that matches your level of expertise and common practice in your field.

How to prepare

Learn salary ranges for your occupation and your industry to be sure your request is based on facts. The low salary may be close to what workers starting in the field earn in your location. More experienced workers usually earn the median, while the most-skilled workers earn in the high range.

It’s also important to consider the complete package of salary and benefits in a job offer. Early in your career, ongoing training or travel may add more value than higher pay. Taking jobs that expand your options may also pay off more than a higher salary at a job with little growth potential. Other benefits may include health insurance, bonuses, gym memberships, and more.

The goal should be a winning arrangement for all involved that weighs fair compensation for your skills and experience, while providing a liveable wage.

Negotiating tips

  • Never ask about benefits or attempt to negotiate before you have a job offer. That’s the time when you are in a position to ask for something.
  • Early in your career, you may be more open to relocation and travel.
  • New graduates may have added value to point out in these areas:
    • Skill with social media gained from your personal life could translate into an asset for the organization.
    • Recent coursework may reflect new knowledge and research in your field.

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