Work Values Matcher

Work Values Matcher

Work Values Matcher

Get started:

Read the statement on the top card of the deck below and think about how important that quality would be in your ideal job.
Place the card in an importance level from most to least by selecting one of the blue boxes. Repeat for all 20 cards.
Drag and drop any card to make changes as you go.
  1. I use my talents and abilities.
  2. I am treated fairly by my employer.
  3. I can stay busy all the time.
  4. I have opportunities to advance in my job.
  5. I can give directions or instructions to others.
  6. I can get a feeling of accomplishment.
  7. My pay compares well with other workers’ pay.
  8. My co-workers are easy to get along with.
  9. I can try out my own ideas.
  10. I can work alone.
  11. I am not pressured to act against my ethics.
  12. I can receive recognition for the work I do.
  13. I can make decisions on my own.
  14. The job provides steady employment.
  15. I can do work that benefits other people.
  16. Supervisors back up workers with management.
  17. I have supervisors who train their workers well.
  18. I can do something different every day.
  19. The job has safe working conditions.
  20. I can plan my own work with little supervision.
  21. You're Done!

    Want to change anything? Select any card to return it to the deck, then you can move other cards around.

    Or select See my results.

  1. Most (4 spaces left)
  1. More (4 spaces left)
  1. Somewhat (4 spaces left)
  1. Less (4 spaces left)
  1. Least (4 spaces left)

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