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Veterans Job Finder Help

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This page displays job listings for the occupation and location of your choice. At the top of the page you’ll see the search boxes to enter a job title/keyword and a location.

If you’ve already entered the job and location you’re searching for, you should see your choices displayed in and. You’ll also see an option to select the number of miles from your location for job listings. You can think of this as how far you’re willing to travel for work. If you haven’t yet entered a job and location to search on, enter them in these boxes. You can also change them to update your search at any time. Then, select the miles you’re willing to travel and click GO.

What are my “Job Search Results” and where do they come from?

The Job Search Results table shows job listings that match your search terms (job title/keyword and location). These job listings come from NLx by the National Data Exchange, which is co-sponsored by the Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies. Listings include jobs posted on state job banks as well as by private employers. Listings are updated daily.

This chart shows the job title (from the hiring company; note that different companies may use different job titles for similar positions). It also shows the company name, the job’s location, and the date the job was posted.; To sort these results in alphabetical order by Job Title, Company Name, or Location, or to sort by date posted, click on one of the blue title bars.

I'm an employer. How do I post job openings here?

CareerOneStop job listings come from NLx by the National Data Exchange. Visit Post a Job to learn how to post your openings.

How do I apply for a job?

To learn more or apply for any positions on your results list, simply click on an underlined job title. You’ll go directly to the job posting or hiring company’s website; please note that you will no longer be on CareerOneStop and you may be asked to register in order to apply for a position. Learn more about applying at What are job banks?

How can I narrow my job search results?

Your job search results list includes all jobs that matched the job title/keyword you entered. Use the “Filter your results” menu on the left-hand side to narrow your results.

Narrow by type of Job. Your results may include positions in a wide range of occupations. You can see the list of the occupations included in your results under “Refine Your Search.” Click on any title in this list and your job search results will update to show only listings in that occupation.

Narrow by location. You can also narrow your results by city or town by clicking on any location listed under “where” in that left-hand menu.

Narrow by date posted. Your job search results list includes all active job postings. Use the list under “Date Posted” to filter the job listings by date—for instance click 1 Day Back if you only want to see jobs posted in the past day.

What if I’m not seeing any jobs listings that interest me?

You can change your search at any time by entering a new job title/keyword into the search box at the top of the page. You can also see a list of other careers that are related to the search terms you entered by clicking “Show related careers for my search.”

From there, you’ll see a list of careers that require skills similar to the ones required by the careers that do appear on your list. Click any career title on this list to update your search results and see job listings for those careers or occupations.

What does it mean to search based on "Military Experience"?

This link, in the upper left hand corner of the Job Results Page, goes to CareerOneStop’s Veterans’ Job Search Tool.  This option allows veterans and military service members to find jobs where they may be able to apply skills gained in the military.

Once you click “I want to search based on “Military Experience,” you’ll be asked to enter the job title of a position you held in the military. After selecting your military job title, you’ll see a list of civilian careers that often require similar skills and experience as that military job. You can select any of these careers to see job listings in your local area.