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Jobs tools

Jobs tools

Use these tools to help you in your job search.

Job Finder
Search for a job right now by entering a job and location in the boxes or find information to assist your job search by following the links.

Practice Job Application
Use this Practice Job Application to get ready to complete real applications.

Resume Guide
CareerOneStop's Resume Guide provides a step-by-step plan for how to create an effective resume. Provides tips for writing the resume, samples of resumes you can view, and advice on how to market your resume and yourself.

Business Finder
Use the Business Finder to find contact information about a specific business or list of businesses.

Largest Employers
Create a list of the 150 largest employers in any state.

Veterans Job Matcher
Enter your military job and identify civilian careers that could be a good match for your military skills. You'll find career information and links to local job postings for each career.