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Skills Matcher

Skills Matcher

Select your skill level.

Use the examples to help choose your levels. Think about whether you have done the example activity, or something like it in your own field.

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  1. Administration and Management

    How much do you know about business planning and leadership?

Administration and Management

Complete a timesheet

Monitor project progress to complete it on time

Manage a $10m company

  1. Biology

    How much do you know about plant, animal and cell functions?


Care for a pet

Investigate effects of pollution on plants

Identify a new virus

  1. Body Coordination

    How well can you coordinate moving your arms, legs, and torso together?

Body Coordination

Get in and out of a truck

Swim one pool length, or play a ball sport

Perform ballet choreography

  1. Building and Construction

    How much do you know about construction materials, methods, and tools?

Building and Construction

Hang a picture

Fix a plumbing leak in ceiling

Build a high-rise

  1. Chemistry

    How well do you know chemistry?


Use a household chemical safely

Use proper chlorine concentration to purify water source

Develop a formula for a safe cleaner

  1. Clerical

    How much do you know about administrative tasks and processes?


File forms

Type 30 words per minute

Design an online office-wide storage system

  1. Complex Problem Solving

    How good are you at figuring out the best way to solve a problem?

Complex Problem Solving

Gather tools for a household job

Redesign a floor plan around new equipment

Develop a local disaster response plan

  1. Computers and Electronics

    How effective are you at using electronic equipment?

Computers and Electronics

Open a program on a computer

Use a word processor

Create a virus-scanning program

  1. Customer and Personal Service

    How well do you know how to handle customer needs and resolve service problems?

Customer and Personal Service

Process a dry-cleaning order

Supervise 10 children at a day care

Plan customer outreach after data privacy breach

  1. Economics and Accounting

    How well do you know banking and financial systems?

Economics and Accounting

Answer billing questions

Develop an investment plan for clients

Oversee a large firm's finances

  1. Fine Arts

    How well do you know the theory and techniques of an art form such as music, painting, drama, or other?

Fine Arts

Attend a concert

Play a minor part in a local theater play

Teach the theory of an art form

  1. Foreign Language

    How well do you know a foreign language?

Foreign Language

Say "please" and "thank you"

Ask directions in a foreign city

Critique a literary book

  1. Helping People

    How good are you at understanding how to help people?

Helping People

Ask clients if they would like coffee

Make travel arrangements for customers

Direct relief operations in a disaster area

  1. Instructing

    How skilled are you at teaching people how to do something?


Show someone how to bowl

Instruct a coworker in how to operate a software program

Demonstrate surgery to interns

  1. Management of Financial Resources

    What level of financial decision-maker are you?

Management of Financial Resources

Record office supply purchases

Prepare and manage a budget for a short-term project

Oversee yearly budgets for a large firm

  1. Mathematics

    What is your level of math skill?


Add two large numbers

Calculate the square footage of a home

Derive a complex formula

  1. Mechanical

    How well can you design, use, repair, and maintain machines?


Replace a battery in a smoke detector

Replace a valve on a steam pipe

Overhaul a jet engine

  1. Medicine and Dentistry

    How well do you know how to provide health care?

Medicine and Dentistry

Treat a cut

Fill a tooth cavity

Perform open-heart surgery

  1. Memorization

    How good is your memory?


Remember your bus number

Recite the first names of 5 people you just met

Quickly memorize and recite a complex equation

  1. Monitoring

    How well can you assess your or others’ work?


Proofread a letter

Make adjustments to a meeting to ensure key goals are met

Measure and plan to increase a firm's productivity

  1. Negotiation

    How well do you persuade others to see different points of view or compromise?


Justify a new work schedule to your manager

Contract with a wholesaler to sell items at a given cost

Negotiate a foreign treaty as an ambassador

  1. Operations Analysis

    How well can you analyze needs and requirements, then make a plan that meets them?

Operations Analysis

Select a copy machine for the office

Suggest software changes to make a system more user friendly

Identify system needs for a new process production plant

  1. Personnel and Human Resources

    How well do you know the principles and procedures for recruiting, hiring, and training employees?

Personnel and Human Resources

Fill out a medical claim form

Interview applicants for a new position

Design a new HR system for a large firm

  1. Production and Processing

    How well can you oversee manufacturing and distribution processes?

Production and Processing

Repack a computer in original box

Supervise an appliance assembly line

Maintain an international distribution center

  1. Programming

    How well can you write computer programs?


Create an Excel spreadsheet

Write a statistical program to analyze demographic data

Write a program to analyze data for probability results

  1. Psychology

    How well do you know the methods of research, assessment, and treatment of human behavior?


Monitor kids on a playground

Understand the impact of addiction on human responses

Treat a person with severe mental illness

  1. Public Safety and Security

    How well do you know the equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies used to promote security operations?

Public Safety and Security

Follow work safety guidelines

Inspect a building site for safety violations

Command a military operation

  1. Quality Control Analysis

    How well can you develop and use testing processes?

Quality Control Analysis

Compare two ways to make a recipe

Measure new part requisitions for tolerance to specifications

Plan and run a test for a new computer program

  1. Repairing

    How well can you repair machines or systems using the needed tools?


Tighten the correct screw to get a door to close properly

Replace a faulty hydraulic valve

Repair structural damage after an earthquake

  1. Sales and Marketing

    How well can you perform marketing strategies and tactics?

Sales and Marketing

Sell cakes at a bake sale

Call a list of clients to introduce them to a new product line

Develop a marketing plan for a large firm

  1. Science

    How well can you use scientific rules and methods to solve problems?


Maintain house plants

Conduct product tests to ensure safety standards are met

Analyze aerodynamic systems for aircraft design

  1. Sociology and Anthropology

    How well do you know the theories of group behavior, societal trends and influences, and human culture?

Sociology and Anthropology

Identify two different cultures

Write an article about cultural differences

Create a new theory of civilization's development

  1. Speaking

    How well do you convey information when you speak?


Greet customers

Interview applicants to obtain personal and work history

Argue a legal case before the Supreme Court

  1. Systems Analysis

    How well can you analyze systems?

Systems Analysis

Manage work with a missing teammate

Determine how new equipment will affect production rates

Identify impact of tax changes across industries

  1. Teaching and Course Design

    How well do you know the principles and methods of instruction?

Teaching and Course Design

Teach workers how to use a time clock

Lead a quality improvement seminar

Design a training program for new employees

  1. Telecommunications

    How well do you understand telecom systems?


Use a business phone

Install a satellite TV dish

Develop a worldwide telecom network

  1. Therapy and Counseling

    How well do you know the principles and methods used in counseling?

Therapy and Counseling

Offer sympathy to a stranger

Provide job counseling to the unemployed

Supervise experienced therapists

  1. Time Management

    How well do you manage your and others' time?

Time Management

Keep a monthly appointment calendar

Allocate staff time to projects for the coming week

Allocate scientists’ time to multiple multi-stage projects

  1. Troubleshooting

    How well can you identify and fix problems in machines or technology?


Identify source of leak on outside of machine

Identify the circuit causing an electrical system to fail

Oversee code debugging for new operating system

  1. Writing

    How well does your writing effectively communicate to an audience's particular need?


Take a telephone message

Write a memo to staff outlining new directives

Write a technical manual