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The Available Workforce tool lets you build profiles of your state and local workforce. You can create and view customized reports including:

  • Current and projected employment
  • Average wages
  • Unemployment rates
  • Top industries
  • Local education and training programs
  • Local demographic information

Help: Available Workforce

What does this tool do?

The Available Workforce tool lets you create custom reports to assess the workforce in your local area, your state, or nationally. It includes several reports on labor market and related information:

Note that once you’ve selected one of the above reports, help pages are also accessible from the top right of each page

How do I get started?

  1. From the main Available Workforce page, enter an occupation name or standard occupational code (SOC) for the occupation you want to study.

    Important: Not all reports have data available by occupation (see report descriptions above), but an occupation name or SOC code must still be entered in order to generate a report.
  2. Enter the state, city, or zip code for the area. Note that you must enter a state when you enter a city (Chicago IL not Chicago), and you must spell out place names (Saint Elmo, not St. Elmo).
  3. Click Search: you will go to the Current Employment report for the occupation you entered.
  4. To view a different report, select it from the Select a Report menu (left side of page).
  5. To change to another occupation or location at any time, enter your data in the fields at the top of the page, then click Search.

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